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When you contact us for an inquiry, we will have a very informal chat with you about your requirements, likings, and any idea of design that you might have. You will be invited to visit our workshop in order to meet our extensive portfolio and showroom to see how we work. Then we prepare an estimate budget, uncompromising, free of charge, based in approximate sizes. When you are satisfied, we can create the perfect stained glass for you. For this we have to visit the site for accurate sizes, assess the location, light source, and discuss design solutions with you. The creative process begins with the study and development of an idea. This comes after consulting the likings and requirements of the customer, then going on through a process of computer aided design, which in turn will end in a maquette by scale. After your approval of the project, and any changes or modifications made, the next step is the preparation of design work with scale 1/1 black and white. This design is known as "cartão" and shows the details (in some cases pigmented), tones and the positioning of the lead. Each glass piece is then carefully chosen with reference to the drawing and to the color type. Then, the glass is cut in order to give the shape of each piece. The technique of painting/pigment glass, is used to optimize the quality of blown glass. There are various stages of application of pigments to the glass , which combine to gradually build up the image. The glass is then taken to the oven after each paint stage, which means that each piece can be baked several times before being completed. During baking, the glass temperature reaches about 700 °C, fusing the pigment with the glass surface permanently. The following phase is the assembling of all the individual pieces of glass with the aid of "H" shaped lead rail, welding joints with tin. Finally, the panel is installed in its final location, may be placed in different types of materials like wood, aluminum, PVC, steel or stainless steel.
Stained Glass Fusing Delustring Lamination
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